Terra Fageto
Terra Fageto

Nature and sustainability

We are an organic farm, nature is the real protagonist of our profession. Every day we listen to its pulse and breath, we cross it, we check the health of the soil and plants, we observe how it reacts to changes in the weather and seasons. We understand its virtue to work it with admiration and respect.

We measure the weight of each gesture and do not expect anything more than it can give us. We only use delicate, virtuous, slow and meticulous practices, and this benefits everyone: people, plants, soil. It is a synergy of purpose and life.

The pruning cuts and the wine-making by-products are the fertilizers of our vineyards. We collect the grapes manually and once in the cellar we use traditional and minimally invasive processing techniques, such as aging on fine lees. No chemical synthesis products. They do not belong to our working method at all.

Terra Fageto
Terra Fageto

A perfect landscape

The breath of the sea, the winds that caress the hills and the protection of the Sibillini mountains characterize the territory where the Terra Fageto wine is born. A rare, precious territory nestled in the south of the Marche region, between Pedaso, the Aso Valley and the Piceno area.

It is a very narrow and short river valley of about fifty kilometers heading east-west, protected by the Apennines massif and overlooking the Adriatic sea. This position guarantees abundant rainfall all year round, a significant night temperature range and a morning breeze coming from the sea. It is a perfect condition for the ripening of the grapes, and the final result is an intense, soft, enchanting wine.

The rhythm of nature

The Aso river divides the two sides of the valley floor and influences the climate, humid and subject to morning hoar frost, while the steep slopes of the hills guard the vineyards as tacit watchmen. The large wooded area of the high hill colors the landscape with an intense green that does not fade even in the most torrid summers. The soil is thus able to offer a long vegetative period to the vineyards, and the continuous availability of water guarantees good photosynthesis activity. Nature imposes its own rhythms and balances, embraces the ripening of grapes and the human work, grants its most precious treasure, asking for respect and sustainability in return.

Terra Fageto

The vineyards of Terra Fageto

Our vineyards extend over various municipalities in the area and cover 35 hectares of land, one and a half of which destined for olive trees. The original vineyard is located in the district of Campofilone, in the north side of the valley, always fresh and windy, hidden for many hours in the sunlight. This is where grandfather Dante started his business as a vine grower in 1950 and where we grow today the main white grapes such as Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina and Chardonnay. Here we also guard the olive grove, made up of three regional varieties of olive trees: Leccino, Frantoio and Carboncella.

On the southern side, precisely in the district of Altidona, there are instead ten hectares that enjoy good exposure to the sun and winds, as many are located in Contrada Belvedere, on the promontory that goes from Campofilone to the sea, at an altitude of 250 meters. The latter is a unique position, widely breezy and exposed all day to sunshine rays, also characterized by a soil that is sometimes red, rich in iron oxide. It is a land originating from the Pliocene, which has remained almost intact because it is particularly difficult to cultivate.

The wine cellar is located in the bottom of the valley, in a strategic and crucial point of the vineyards. Exactly halfway between the different lands, here we bring the fruits of our labor, we work them, we age them and finally we bottle them, with care, passion and stoic patience.

The production, aging and sales rooms are thermally insulated from the external environment and the barrel room is built underground in order to maintain a constant temperature without the use of air conditioners.

The wine cellar benefits from a photovoltaic plant that covers 80% of the annual energy needs, while the wash water of the cellar is collected and used to irrigate our garden. The loyalty to further reduce the environmental impact is an important goal to us, improving our way of life every day, always respecting nature.

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