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500 is the brainchild of Claudio, a project strongly desired that changed the management and approach to viticulture in a biodynamic sense. In fact, the name derives from the biodynamic preparation 500 or better known as horn manure.

Marche Bianco Igt “500”
  • Classification: Marche Bianco Igt “500”

  • Grape varieties: 100% Pecorino

  • Vineyard location: Pedaso, Monte Serrone, contrada Belvedere. East-facing. Due to the promontory height, this area is always windy and illuminated all day long. The soil is clay loam, tending to limestone.

  • Vine training method: Guyot

  • Planting density: 5000 stumps per hectare

  • Yield per hectare: 1,0-1,1kg per vine

  • First year of production: 2016

  • Harvest period: the grapes were harvested in the first ten days of September (this variety has the advantage of achieving excellent sugar production, while maintaining a good level of total acidity; by modifying the harvest by a few days, it is possible to enhance the freshness or structure of the wine).

  • Harvest method: hand picking, in crates, early in the morning.

  • Vinification: we harvest in the very early hours of the morning, the grapes are hand picked and put into small crates, so that the fruit carried to the cellar is still intact and not stressed by the high temperatures of the day. The destemmed and crushed grapes are placed in conical trunk vats where the fermentation starts spontaneously with indigenous yeasts, without controlled temperature. After 5-6 days, when fermentation is complete, the wine is put into used barriques for about a year. Then a further year of ageing in glass.

  • Serving temperature: 10°c /12°c

Marche Bianco IGT “500”
Marche Bianco IGT “500”
Analytical data
  • Alcohol content: 13.40% vol

  • Sugar content: 1.7 g/L

  • Acid content: 6,4 g/L

  • Extract: 26.70 g/L

Serving suggestions

Let the wine rest at least 15 days after shipping.

Organoleptic properties:

A golden brilliant yellow wine. Its intense bouquet has hints of withered white flowers, dried fruit, sage, vanilla and curry. Elegant and harmonious, its freshness and aromatic complexity allow it to be appreciated after several years.

Food pairings

Structured and fragrant dishes such as baked fish with aromatic herbs, spicy dishes, elaborate white meat dishes, ripe or blue cheeses.


Store the bottle horizontally, preferably in a dark and silent environment, with a temperature between 12 - 18 degrees and a humidity of around 60-70%. The wine lends itself to a further 4-5 years ageing.

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