Clèlia - Passerina Spumante Brut


The third generation of the family wanted to experiment with sparkling wines. The first grape variety to be considered was Passerina using the Charmat method. A sparkle that gave freshness, vivacity, suitable both as an aperitif or to accompany any meal. So in 2005 the first tests and then the first vintage released in 2007. Since then, more and more quality.

  • Classification: PASSERINA SPUMANTE brut “clelia”

  • Grape varieties: 100% PASSERINA

  • Vineyard location: Altidona and Campofilone. We are in the heart of the Aso Valley. Altitude of 250 m above sea level.

  • Vine training method: Guyot

  • Planting density: 5000 stumps per hectare

  • Yield per hectare: 0.4-0.5kg per vine

  • Harvest period: late August

  • Harvest method: hand picking, in crates, early in the morning.

  • Vinification: Martinotti method.
    Having a wide aromatic range and marked acidity, Passerina grape is particularly suitable for sparkling wine production with the MARTINOTTI method. The result of the controlled-temperature fermentation is a very fine wine, which ages on its lees for over 90 days, commonly called long Charmat method. A sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage, creamy and satin, with inebriating and captivating scents. A sparkling wine that never disappoints your expectations but makes you want to drink again.

  • Serving temperature: 6°c /8°c

Analytical data
  • Alcohol content: 12.10% vol

  • Sugar content: 4 g/L

  • Acid content: 6,2 g/L

  • Extract: 29.70 g/L

Organoleptic properties

Bright yellow, fine and persistent perlage. Intense, fine, fragrant with hints of acacia, white fruit and notes of cedar on the nose. Freshness and sapidity on the palate enhanced by the appetizing petillant.

Food pairings

Perfect to pair with Ascolana olives and any type of fried food. Excellent also with cold cuts and cream cheeses.


Store the bottle horizontally, preferably in a dark and silent environment, with a temperature between 12 - 18 degrees and a humidity of around 60-70%. Best enjoyed within 2 years.

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