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Falerio is related to the historical origins of the Piceno: in fact, its name derives from Faleria, an ancient Roman city now known as Falerone. Falerio was the first label of our winery and the Piceno viticulture history, since initially the local grape varieties of the province such as Trebbiano, Passerina and Pecorino were combined for the production of Falerio.

Falerio Doc “eva”
  • Classification: Falerio Doc “eva”

  • Grape varieties: 40% Trebbiano,30% Passerina 30% Pecorino

  • Vineyard location: Campofilone and Altidona. The vineyards are located on two different municipalities, Campofilone (north-facing) and Altidona (south-facing).

  • Vine training method: single Guyot

  • Planting density: 4500 stumps per hectare

  • Yield per hectare: 1,1-1,2kg per vine

  • Harvest period: the grape harvest took place between the first ten days and the second ten days of September.

  • Harvest method: hand picking, in bins, early in the morning.

  • Vinification: selection and collection into bins with storage in cold rooms from 5 to 10 days at 0 ° C, destemming and very soft crushing in the absence of oxygen, yield of about 50% with static musts cleaning, inoculation of selected yeasts, temperature-controlled fermentation at about 15 ° C for about 15 days.

  • Ageing: on fine lees for 3 months and 3 months ageing in glass.

  • Serving temperature: 8°c /10°c

Falerio Doc “eva”
Analytical data
  • Alcohol content: 12.90% vol

  • Sugar content: 1.5 g/L

  • Acid content: 6,1 g/L

  • Extract: 22.90 g/L

Serving suggestions

Let the wine rest at least 10 days after shipping.

Organoleptic properties

Bright straw yellow and a pleasantly fragrant bouquet with scents of fresh and ripe fruit, strong acidulous vein in the mouth with an almond and slightly pungent finish, good persistence.

Food pairings

First courses with vegetables, seafood, cooked and raw fish starters, baked or grilled fish.


Store the bottle horizontally, preferably in a dark and silent environment, with a temperature between 12 - 18 degrees and a humidity of around 60 - 70%. The wine lends itself to a further 3-4 years ageing.

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